Hotel-Spider, the solution for every hotel

Like a spider in the centre of her web, Hotel-Spider positioned in the centre of your online distribution, creates a seamless sales network.

Rather than wasting your precious time on updating your rates and availabilities on online reservation portals, opt for Hotel-Spider. Thanks to the powerful functionality of Hotel-Spider Channel Manager, you now only have one system to update. Hotel-Spider takes care of transmitting your rates and availabilities to the online reservation portals of your choice.

By using exclusively certified two-way XML interfaces, we can guarantee a rapid and accurate transmission of your data.

Hotel-Spider - Channel Manager

Hotel-Spider winner in comparative Channel Manager test by German consultancy firm Adojo.

The German consultancy firm adojo GmbH founded and managed by one of the founders of, recently performed a comparative test for Channel Managers.

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  • Save time

    Hotel-Spider Channel Manager will be your fully automated online distribution centre. Disregarding whether you enter your rates and availabilites directly into our extranet or whether they are uploaded directly by your Property Management System, Hotel-Spider will rapidly and reliably update all the online portals you work with.

  • No more overbooking

    Availabilities are synchronised and automatically adjusted in real time between Web portals (IDS), Global Destination Systems (GDS) and your Web Booking Engine (WBE).

  • Simple and Powerfull

    Avoid errors and labor costs of manual entry. Our channel manager uses only reliable XML technology (no Site Scraping).

  • Boost revenue

    By providing all the connected systems (IDS, GDS, WBE) with the entire inventory you allocated in Hotel-Spider Channel Manager, more reservations can be made without any risk as Hotel-Spider dynamically adjusts the inventory after every reservation.

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Let's take an example

Hotel Seaside has 50 double bedrooms.
It has agreements with, HRS, Expedia, etc ...

Therefore Hotel-Spider Channel Manager sends this information to these three reservation platforms. Shortly after the activation of the service, the hotel receives its first reservation through It is for two double rooms for three nights. sends the information to Hotel-Spider Channel Manager, so that the manager of the hotel will dispose of all necessary information. Immediately after having received the reservation, Hotel-Spider goes to work. Because for the dates of the reservation received, the hotel now only has 48 double rooms left.

Hotel-Spider Channel Manager makes contact with the three reservation platforms, with which the hotel has an agreement and sends the information that for this period Hotel Seaside now only has 48 double rooms left.

  • 1

    A reservation for a room is done from

  • 2

    Hotel-Spider records this reservation and presents it to the hotel manager.

  • 3

    Hotel-Spider updates rooms states on other plateforms and there are now 49 rooms available in all systems.

List of supported portals

Here is a sample list of web portals linked with Hotel-Spider Download in PDF

Online Travel Agents

Destination Portals

Booking Engine


Global Distribution Systems / Central Reservation Systems

Revenue Manager

Channel Manager