How to suscribe your hotel?

Please complete the form below. A PDF will be generated that you have to send, duly signed, to the Email address or to the fax number +41 22 360 03 73.

You will find the clause with the test period free of charge in the PDF file. So you can read it before you sign.

How to suscribe for hotels chains ?

If you represent a Hotel Chain, please contact us by phone
Tel: +41 22 360 03 70 or by our contact form.

You can also download an empty contract.
EUR : Download in PDF   -   CHF : Download in PDF

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How many rooms does your Property have?

The monthly fee is calculated based on the amount of physical rooms your property has. .

Connectivity from a third party system (PMS) to Hotel-Spider

The connection of a Property Management System /Revenue Management System /Central Reservation System to update availability, prices and booking rules to Hotel-Spider.

PMS name :

On your Website or Smartphone

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Booking engine

Our booking engine Spider-Booking is a reservation tool for the hotel website and SmartPhones.

When you click on the Print button above, a PDF file will be created that you can print, control, sign and send to or fax to +41 22 360 03 73.