Hotel-Spider with your PMS

Interfaces to Property Management Systems (PMS)

You can have you PMS connected to Hotel-Spider.

If your hotel uses a Property Management System (PMS), connecting it to Hotel-Spider will make your life even easier and significantly increase your efficiency.

A steadily increasing number of suppliers of Property Management Systems have developed a two-way XML interface to Hotel-Spider.

Rates and availabilities will be sent by the PMS, via Hotel-Spider, to the online reservation portals.

To make things even better and thus even more efficient, reservations/modifications/cancellations are imported into your PMS via Hotel-Spider.

By combining your Property Management System and/or your Revenue Management System with Hotel-Spider, you obtain a Seamless Distribution Solution.

How does it work?

Standard exchanges with PMS

Exchanges with an intermediate RMS


One entry point, your PMS

Your rates and availabilities are normally in your PMS/RMS so why copy them manually into an external system if this can be done automatically?

Save time

No more need to copy the rates and availability from your PMS/RMS into our Extranet. They are transmitted automatically via our reliable two-way XML interface.

No more overbooking

Your Property Management System (PMS) determines how many rooms are available for online booking.

You don't need another training

You and your co-workers are trained on your PMS/RMS. When your PMS/RMS is connected to Hotel-Spider, you and your co-workers don't need to use the Hotel-Spider extranet anymore thus you do not need to train your co-workers for this.

Need information

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Supported PMS

Everybody can connect with Hotel-Spider.

The following suppliers have a certified two-way XML interface with Hotel-Spider or will be available soon. If your PMS/RMS is not listed below, please ask them to contact us. We'll provide them with access to our interface specifications and a full test account for a rapid and successful integration.

Hotel-Spider constantly evolves.
If you don't find your PMS, please

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