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THE Channel Manager connected to Booking, Expedia, HRS and many more

Hotel-Spider, THE Channel Manager, that can connect to Booking, Expedia, HRS but also to Fidelio Suite8, Protel and many more.

Hotel-Spider - Channel Manager


Hotel-Spider, THE Channel-Manager that is Booking, Expedia and TripAdvisor Preferred Partner, also has a powerful bidirectional XML-based interface to HRS Group that supports, as one of the few channel-managers in the marketplace, all features that HRS makes available.

In addition to the long list of portals it can connect to (well over 70), Hotel-Spider can also connect to a long list of Property Management Systems (PMS), including Fidelio Suite8, Protel, Hotline, etc..

And, although it has its own Web Booking Engine Spider-Booking, it can also connect to a long list of other WBE, in case you should already use one.