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META free 2020

Enjoy a free META connection in 2020. 

We want to give you our support to restart more strongly. With the META Trivago and TripAdvisor platforms, you can increase your direct sales. You’ve got the opportunity via Hotel-Spider to use these connections for free until 31 December 2020. 

Take advantage of our offer and contact us right now to get a free connection to Trivago and TripAdvisor until the end of the year. 


Your website and your booking engine are the keys  to your direct booking strategy. Yet if you don’t attract visitors to your website, even the best conversion rate will be of no help at all. Advertising via METASEARCH is one of the tools available to you to grab visitors’ attention, increase the number of visits to your website and win over direct customers. Everything needs to fall into place in order for your advertising costs to bring the expected return. 

Hotel Spider

What do you get? 

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Be more visible with optimized searches 

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No fixed commissions

The click-per-cost model does not include a fixed commission; you only pay for the redirected traffic 

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The results are regrouped into combined results which leads to a possibly weaker CPA 

Hotel Spider

Our free offer: 

To help you get more easily started with these new META connections, we’re offering the following services: 

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No fees for the Hotel-Spider connection to Trivago and TripAdvisor 

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3 hours of advice and assistance for the ideal configuration 

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An initial budget of 50 CHF/50 Euros for your first campaign on the platform in collaboration with Trivago

Contact Us

If you have questions about our products or want to find out  more about what  we  do  and who we are, please contact us. We would be delighted to help you with your inquires.  


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