Ask Your Hotel Techie

ASK YOUR HOTEL TECHIE is a new way of sharing our experience and knowledge with you. It is a series of short videos in which we address and explain different themes related to technology in the hospitality industry. 

ASK = Ask your questions and share your opinion with us!

AYHT #1 Diversify your online distribution 

In this first ‘Ask your Hotel Techie’ video, we are going to deal with the online distribution of hotels.  What are the best online distribution channels for my hotel? 


AYHT #2 System integration, APIS, XML

In this second video ‘Ask your Hotel Techie,’ we will focus on system integration, why it is important, how it works and how a layperson can understand which data is being exchanged. 


AYHT #3 Cloud-based System or in-house technology for your PMS?   

In this third AYHT video, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based hotel management systems, compared to traditional server-based solutions. 

AYHT image 800 to 300 - PMS Cloud vs. Server based

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