#1 Channel Manager now in India

Get complete control over your online reservation system and achieve unparalleled efficiency with Hotel Spider - a Leading Hotel Channel Manager. This cloud-based software gives hoteliers and property owners the ability to control reservations, welcome guests, generate revenue, and boost the overall business profitability. 

  • 100% Transparency & Control 
  • Automate & Save Time 
  • Reduce Fraud Risk & Centralize Data
  • Self-Mapping 




Hotel Spider

Efficiently manage your online sales

Hotel-Spider’s Channel Manager integrates and automates all your systems with reliable two-way interfaces.

  • Submit your availabilities and rates in our system or have your PMS send them to us.
  • Submitted data is forwarded to your connected booking portals.
  • Once a reservation is made, we import the details and automatically adjust your inventory across all platforms.
  • These reservation details are then sent to you and synchronized with your Property Management System.

Automate, centralize and simplify your distribution


    This Hotel Channel Manager synchronises all your availabilities, prices, and bookings, across all booking channels. Setup your automatic restrictions for OTAs and Meta Search engines through your adaptable, handy and easy to use Hotel Spider extranet and save your time. 


    Our software-as-a-service model allows you to access our channel manager anytime and anywhere, without any need of downloading, installing or updating a software. 


    Integration of your online sales channels with Hotel Spider's Channel Manager, reduces the risk of overbookings. Our exclusive reliance on two-way interfaces with our partners allows you to centralize your inventory and reservations, all in one place. 

Hotel Spider

On over 300+ sales channels, get your control on it!

Dynamic Price Derivations

Thanks to Hotel Spider's troubleshooter, you can enable fast and easy analysis of the data exchnage before a reservation. This number one hotel channel manager gets you complete access to all change logs and drill down to all the messages sent & received by our system.

Inventory Derivations

You can push bulk inventory or rates across all your connected reservation sources. The date range is custom and you can update the bulk for next 2 years.

PCI compliance system

We at Hotel Spider, are PCI compliant. All the private & sensitive data of the users, including the card details, is stored with complete security measures. The card details received at the time of reservation has security codes on them, which can only be accessed by the hotelier through their Google Authenticator application.


Complete access to all change logs in our system gives you security through transparency

Product-base mappings

This hotel channel manager allows the hotelier to map your Hotel Spider created product with OTA created product. The drag and drop mapping saves both, time and effort.

Fast and efficient access

Hotel-Spider extranet is cloud-based and it can be operated even from your phone hotspot. Its works on real-time sync and you can access your Spider extranet using your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

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