Here you can search the complete list of existing 2-way interfaces with our INTERNATIONAL AND LOCAL CONNECTIVITY PARTNERS.    

Open and standardized interfaces make it easy for any new partner to connect to Hotel-Spider. Connect with us! Discover our open connectivity solutions.  


Join our Open Connectivity program! 


Hotel-Spider offers multiple interfaces for PMS, portals, OTA’s or CRS connections. 

All our interfaces have been developed according to the internationally recognized protocols OTA (Open Travel Alliance) and HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation). An extensive implementation of both protocols should allow the vast majority of third party software providers to re-use previous developments against the same standards. 


How does it work?


  1. 1. Join the Open Connectivity program 

  1. 2. We configure a test account 

  1. 3. You develop 

  1. 4. We certify your interface 

  1. 5. Connected! 

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