3 Key Technology Trends for Indian Hotels in 2024

3 Key Technology Trends for Indian Hotels in 2024
Features | 5 Jun 2024

2024 is an exciting year for the Indian hotel industry.

Tourism numbers are bouncing back (includingdomestic tourism), and entirely new markets are opening up, driven by a growing Indian middle class.

And to top it all off, hotels now have access to some truly incredible tech solutions. These tools can make the guest experience easier, safer, and more rewarding. They can help hoteliers connect with more guests and drive more bookings, including more direct bookings. And they can help manage your rooms better, avoiding overbookings and confusion.

Let’s dive into some of the main technology trends for Indian hotels to pay attention to in 2024

3 Key Technology Trends for Indian Hotels in 2024

Generative AI in customer service

Generative AI was put on the map by the release of ChatGPT, and since then has flourished into a wide range of tools and solutions with a ton of different use cases.

For hotels, one of the most interesting trends here is the use of generative AI in customer service. Highly trained, human-like chatbots can be used to field lots of different, simple questions that customers have, taking a huge load off human customer service assistants.

You’ll always need to keep a team of real customer assistants for more complex issues, but chatbots can now deal with a lot of basic interactions, and they do it well.

More remote services

Do you remember the days when booking a hotel meant walking into a travel agency, sitting down, and filling out several forms?

Well, those days are a distant memory. Today, guests can book hotels entirely remotely, using a variety of online channels and search engines. They can even check in with zero need for human interaction, even unlocking their rooms with nothing more than their smartphone. 

This level of convenience is possible with the help of tech solutions like a Channel Manager and Booking Engine, both of which allow you to connect with guests much more easily and deliver smoother, more rewarding experiences throughout the stay. Hotel-Spider’s platform contains both of these solutions.

More app-based services

Today, the entire booking and check-in process can take place from the palm of your hand.

With the use of dedicated hotel apps, guests can take this a step further, managing multiple aspects of their reservations and stays from their phones. This extends to things like ordering room service, asking to change towels, and collecting loyalty points.

Apart from consolidating the entire process and making things much smoother and easier for guests, apps also save time for hotel staff by streamlining check-in and reservation management. 

At Hotel-Spider, we’ve built partnerships with some of India’s most well-known Property Management Systems such as Wincloud and IDS, allowing Indian hoteliers to tap into their app-based digital solutions to improve customer experience.

How Hotel-Spider fits in

In recent years the hospitality landscape has shifted dramatically in India. Hotels have embraced technology across the board, transforming the way they operate and interact with guests. Hospitality tech was almost unheard of in India just a few years ago; now it’s rapidly becoming the norm.

At Hotel-Spider, our software solutions are designed to help hotels tap into these trends and take advantage of technology in 2024 and beyond. Recently, we’ve been focusing on data transparency, analytics, and Booking Engine packages to help Indian hotels embrace tech and transition into this new era.

Our channel manager, booking engine, and central reservation system are built to give your customers more enjoyable, smooth booking experiences while helping you drive more bookings and manage your properties more effectively.

To find out more, schedule a demo.

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