New ways to merchandise your rooms with Bakuun.

Hotel Spider
Features | 16 Dec 2020

Bakuun.com is a web-based travel technology platform that connects different industry stakeholders by delivering new technology which simplifies the booking process of your rooms

Hotel-Spider has now an interface with Bakuun. This partnership supports the Hotel Spider value proposition, by offering new ways to merchandise your rooms, as well as driving automation of the historically manual processes to boost conversion and cost effectiveness.


How is it different and what do you gain?


Let the hard commercial work be done by Bakuun: they strive to increase bookings, improve efficiency, and ensure their solutions remain commercially relevant in the ever-changing and evolving travel distribution landscape.


Precisely, the provided applications help you lodging accommodations increase and support you to merchandise incremental revenue-generating products such as Day Use Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Packages.


Your future client might be just around the corner, as Bakuun helps airlines in the event of flight disruption which causes short or long delays, providing them a platform to speed up the booking process for you as hotels but also with transfers and the issuance of digital meal vouchers.


The network of Hotel Spider is complimentary to Bakuuns core markets and as we are connected, we can support you with the recovery in 2021.


Your main advantages:


  • Commission levels are below the market average to ensure the channel is as competitive and cost-efficient as possible
  • Unique sales channels such as consumer, travel agents, airlines and affiliates
  • Controlled distribution rules to ensure rate integrity and pricing parity D
  • Ability to merchandise and sell Day Use Room, meetings and packages 
  • All payment are directly in your hotel or by VCC

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