Booking.com: Secure the reservations you really want

Hotel-Tech | 31 Aug 2021

Are you searching for ways to optimize your operation via booking.com? In this video you’ll find 6 actionable tips to make you even more successful on the top OTA.

You want to improve your sales strategy on booking.com but don’t know how? Then our newest hotel techie video is made for you. 


In the video, Elisha Schoppig from Hotel-Spider explains how you can get more out of your presence on booking.com in 6 simple steps.  


Why is that so important? OTAs like booking.com are important sales channels for many hotels. A good presence there pays off with valuable Reservations and a greater reach. Anyone who is well positioned on booking.com has a clear advantage. 


But there are a few important things to note when working with this sales partner.  


Optimize your work with booking.com 

In the video you’ll learn how to get the best for your hotel out of your collaboration with booking.com. 


It’s about important questions like: 

  • Which reservations should I try to obtain via booking.com?  

  • How can I optimize my text and image content to maximum effect?  

  • What role does the availability of my hotel play on booking.com?  

  • And when should I make use of the various offers from booking.com? 


How exactly you implement these tips depends of course on your hotel and your current situation. But with the knowledge in this video, you are well on the way to optimized online sales, a better customer experience and increased revenue.  

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