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Features | 25 May 2020

By combining Hotel-Spider connectivity technology with the PrivateDeal negotiation solution, your hotel will absolutely be on the cutting edge of online competitiveness and direct booking strategy.

By combining Hotel-Spider connectivity technology with the PrivateDeal negotiation solution, your hotel will absolutely be on the cutting edge of online competitiveness and direct booking strategy. 


PrivateDeal offers an innovative smart negotiation solution. Users simply click on a widget at your hotel site to bid on a room or package. The system then uses an algorithm and pre-set parameters to either accept the offer or negotiate a better price.  


PrivateDeal provides a fun and unique booking experience all while increasing the amount of data collected and the number of direct reservations. The negotiation algorithm is also used to accurately determine the exact price customers are willing to pay for each room category.  


In short, PrivateDeal makes it possible for hotels to avoid the rate equality imposed by OTAs with the private deal concept.   


The negotiable rates found on the PrivateDeal platform are updated in real time through Hotel-Spider rate synchronization. The two solutions complement each other to optimize your sales and maximize your profits.  


Take advantage of this Hotel-Spider and PrivateDeal integration now! 


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