Our Integration with Gubse AG and their product SIHOT a property management platform, bolstering channel management and optimizing distribution

Hotel Spider
Features | 26 Feb 2021

Hotel-Spider is linked up with Gubse AG and their product SIHOT, a cloud-based property management system (PMS) and SaaS platform.

SIHOT is a powerful on-premises/off-premises solution with features that enable users to manage check-in, check-out, front office, and maintenance. The property management suite comes equipped with a POS system and occupancy plan while its core functions include event management and multi-property management. 


Reaching more customers and boosting business growth can be a challenge for many hotels.  






Access your market through more channels and grow your hotel’s presence.  


Linking up with SIHOT enables our users to work with local OTAs, two-way Airbnb , and direct META connections, providing access to a much larger potential market and reaping the many benefits of a sophisticated distribution system.  


Hotel-Spider and SIHOT combines our range of powerful channel management features with their existing suite of property management tools to ramp up distribution capabilities and increase visibility for online distribution. 


 Access your market through more channels and grow your hotel’s presence. 

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