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Features | 14 Aug 2020

Hotel-Spider now integrates with Apaleo, an open software platform that empowers the industry with the freedom to create.

Hotel-Spider now integrates with Apaleo, an open software platform that empowers the industry with the freedom to create. Built as an alternative to property management systems, its mission is to make it easy for any accommodation to find all the best tech solutions and choose them through Apaleo app store.  


Connecting Hotel-Spider with Apaleo’s core gives you the ability to manage your property with a new system completely remotely, in record time, and access it anywhere via the cloud. Adding an automated payment solution is suddenly simple, safe, and compliant with PCI and GDPR regulations and already integrated with the platform. This is only possible with the API-first approach, meaning that everything is built on an open infrastructure that makes it easy for any developer to bring new innovations into the industry.  


Just like Hotel-Spider, you can benefit from simple and transparent monthly pricing plans with no setup fees, no integration fees, and no service fees.


Get all the advantages of this integration:




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By combining Hotel-Spider connectivity technology with the PrivateDeal negotiation solution, your hotel will absolutely be on the cutting edge of online competitiveness and direct booking strategy.
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