A new approach to B2B sales for hotels

Hotel-Tech | 27 Jun 2023

Interview guests Enzo Aita from Hyperguest and Melanie Sensicle from Avenue Six Travel discuss alternatives to the major online agencies in B2B sales. Travel agencies and hotels are finding their way back to each other - thanks to new tools.

Modern luxury: Book your trip with real people  


For many travelers, travel agencies still remain the first port of call for hotel bookings and travel reservations. To have a real person in front of you to whom you present your wish list as a customer is simply a heavenly experience! No internet portal can replace heading off on holiday with such a carefree feeling. However, it makes life difficult for all involved when the big agencies have a grip on the online market. It is not uncommon for tour operators and travel agencies to approach the monopoly holders themselves. These agencies have the upper hand and demand high commissions and exclusive contract conditions from hoteliers. It doesn't have to be this way. 


Hyperguest and Avenue Six Travel 


In an interview, Melanie Sensicle talks about her “Avenue Six Travel” platform, where hotels and travel agencies have once again begun to closely cooperate, bypassing the intermediaries. The platform focusses on carefully selected, well-managed offers, quality instead of quantity, ease of use for travel agencies, as well as the possibility of placing immediate bookings.  


Enzo Aita of Hyperguest presents his advanced technology by way of which hotels regain their control over their conditions and inventory based on simple online contracts. 


Learn more about the past, present and future of B2B sales in the hotel industry by watching our Hotel Techie Video! 

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