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Features | 7 Oct 2021

Beds4Travel is a portal specialised in the commercialization of hotels in emerging markets.

At Hotel-Spider, we help you connect your property to the global marketplace and continuously increase visibility. We’ve recently added the new Beds4Travel interface, a platform with the goal of maximizing the diversification of your hotel in different markets and segments, thereby multiplying its presence globally.  


With your presence on this platform, you can optimize both your income potential and your access to an international public whilst attracting different travel profiles.    


Diversification and segmentation 


Through your participation, you can optimize both your income potential and your access to an international public while attracting different travel profiles.   


  • Reach 85% of travel agencies  

  • Sell in over 130 countries  

  • Profit from a low 3% cancellation ratio 


Take advantage now from their experience in the commercialization of hotels worldwide with Hotel-Spider and Beds4Travel. 


Target globally and sell more rooms now

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