The Best Implementations for Hotels to Perform with the Best Capacity

Features | 20 Mar 2023

One of the key goals for any hotel is keeping capacity at an optimum level. When your rooms are filled with happy guests from one month to the next, it’s a good sign that you’re doing everything right and your business is thriving.

However, as any hotelier can attest, reaching this state is easier said than done. Keeping your hotel at consistent capacity is a challenge, and requires constant work and adaptation. This job gets easier, though, if you can tap into technology.

In this article, we’ll look at what makes it difficult to maintain a full hotel and some of the best tech solutions for getting there all year round.

Hotel capacity — crucial but challenging

Hotel capacity refers to the state where all your available rooms are filled. This makes your hotel maximally profitable — you’re making as much money as it is possible to make from your guests. For obvious reasons, this is a desirable outcome.

There are a few factors that affect capacity:

  • Your ability to market your rooms across various online and offline channels
  • Your ability to manage your rooms, so it’s possible to fill them all with your current resources and staff
  • The experiences you deliver to customers, enticing them to book again and again

Best tech solutions for improving hotel capacity

So how can you optimise your hotel capacity and ensure a steady stream of satisfied customers? Here’s how technology can help.

Stay on top of bookings with a Central Reservation System

A Central Reservation System allows you to streamline the management of bookings, helping you handle check-in and check-out processes much more quickly and stay on top of all your reservations. By making it easier for staff to handle multiple reservations and filled rooms, you make the road to capacity a much smoother one.

Boost your presence with a Channel Manager

A channel manager helps ensure your availability and all your prices are synced across all the different channels you use to advertise your rooms. This reduces the risk of overbookings while also maximising your presence and helping you fill your rooms.

Eliminate friction with a Booking Engine

The right booking engine makes it easier than ever for your guests to make reservations. They can book rooms from wherever they are, including mobile devices, with the optimum customer experience and minimal friction.

Reach your goals with Hotel-Spider

At Hotel-Spider we provide all of the above solutions, along with an additional fleet of powerful tools to help you grow your hotel, connect with more of the perfect customers, and ensure your rooms are full on a constant basis.

Contact us with us to find out more and learn how to get started.

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