Booking Engines and the Hotel Booking Process

Hotel-Tech | 5 Nov 2019

A smart direct booking strategy is undoubtedly an important element for every hotel aiming to take their web visitors through an enjoyable booking journey with a booking confirmation as final destination

 In this new AYHT video, we welcome Yannick Blondeau, CRS and WBE Lead Developer of Hotel-Spider, who will give us some useful tips to better understand and evaluate the relevance of your current web booking engine tool as the core of your direct booking strategy. 


A smart direct booking strategy is undoubtedly an important element for every hotel aiming to take their web visitors through an enjoyable booking journey with a booking confirmation as final destination. But how can my own booking engine help me on this matter?


Today, from a technical point of view, our Lead Developer will explain us what exactly a web booking engine is, its relevance and the best evaluation method according to the specific marketing orientation of your hotel, the ease of integration with your website and with the current tools you are using, or the external factors that can impact the conversion rate and your expected results. Finally, we will examine what we can learn from the OTAs in terms of direct booking strategies. 




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