Can Technology Create Safer Hotels?

Features | 28 May 2024

The pandemic affected the world in many ways, and the hotel industry was no exception.

Of the many lingering effects from COVID, one of the biggest is a greater customer need for safety.

In this post, we’ll look at why hygiene and safety is more important than ever for hotels, and some of the ways you can meet and exceed the expectations of your guests here.

The importance of treating safety right

COVID opened many people’s eyes to the importance of hygiene. When hotels began disinfecting their rooms at an increased rate, taking steps to make check-in more secure, and giving guests more autonomy and privacy, many people got used to the new normal.

Now, guests have a higher baseline of expectations for their safety. However, you need to strike the right balance. Too safe is not good — guests don’t want to return to social distancing, mandatory mask usage, and restricted dining options.

To deliver safer and cleaner experiences without compromising on convenience, hotels can tap into technology.

Driving safer experiences with technology

Technology can be a hugely effective way to drive cleaner, safer guest experiences without compromising on your customer experience. Here are some of the ways this works:

  • Remote check-in allows guests to complete the entire check-in process from anywhere without the need for human interaction. Not only does this reduce the spread of disease, but also makes the process more convenient and allows for 24/7 access.
  • Contactless locks allow guests to access their rooms without touching the surfaces of door handles or sharing key cards. This improves hygiene while also allowing a smoother and more seamless experience.
  • More regular, reliable room cleanings are one of the things guests appreciated most during the pandemic. A central reservation system can help plan cleaning more efficiently, delivering cleaner experiences while respecting your staff members’ time.

Hotel-Spider’s Solution

Hotel-Spider’s online distribution platform can help you deliver safer, more hygienic experiences to your guests. 

Our channel manager and booking engine make it easier to create smooth and rewarding online booking experiences, allowing for remote management of the entire process. On top of that, our central reservation system allows you to manage cleaning, avoid overcrowding, and stay on top of your services without overstretching your staff.

If you’re interested in building a safer and cleaner hotel through technology,book a call with us.

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