Channel Management Video mini Series

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Hotel-Tech | 9 Nov 2020

We dedicated the next mini-series to channel management starting with its basics, its functionalities and benefits. Then we dive deeper into advanced channel management and guide you how to evaluate or setting up a system. Finally, we share 11 pro tips you should question about your channel manager.

We have created this 3-part Video mini Series about channel management for all different levels of know how when it comes to hotel online distribution.  Beginning with a short introduction into what a hotel channel manager is, present how it works and in conclusion how it helps hotels to automate their online  distribution. 


Using a simple example to demonstrate the channel management logic, we will explain what a channel manager is with basic functionalities and the data flow. Afterwards we compare manual management of data in the Channel Management platform and look at the two-way integration with your property management system to fully automate your distribution. 





We explore furthermore the challenges of Hotel Channel Management and some simple yet effective ways to tap into the potential of your resources. One of the most demanding aspects of hotel channel management is the ability to sell your products on a variety of online portals and telling your hotel story on all of them to engage with your target audience.  


This is where a hotel channel manager can help you streamline your backend process in order to offer the best products and services to the right target customer on each portal.  You should consider automating the basic activities so you can focus on your strategies and your target customers’ needs and stay ahead of your competitors. 





In the concluding video we share 11 pro tips about channel management with you. We will highlight the  challenges of using a channel manager and more importantly, how you can optimize your existing setup.  When it comes to online distribution for hotels there is a range of complexities that come with it. You need to ensure that you have an effective and optimal setup in place to automate as much as possible to benefit most from technology-driven solutions.  

Make sure that you discuss these things with your channel management provider and optimize your channel manager for more convenience and seamless online sales. 



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