Protect your hotel against social engineering attacks by hackers

Hotel-Tech | 18 Jun 2021

In this video, we’ll show you the three most common social engineering attacks used by hackers – and provide practical examples of how you can protect your staff against them!

Good security software isn’t enough anymore. And hackers know it. This is why they’re now using social engineering more and more frequently to obtain access to your customer data. You need to be prepared for this threat, because social engineering incursions can’t be disabled by IT experts – the targets of such attacks are your staff! 


This means that hackers don't try to attack the firewall; instead, they focus on your staff, with a view to accessing important hotel and client details. These risks shouldn’t be underestimated – even if you’re usually able to identify social engineering attacks. It can happen that staff fall victim to phishing emails, particularly during stressful situations. 


We’ll show you some methods to avoid these risks in our video! 


You’ll learn exactly what you and your team need to watch out for in order to identify social engineering attacks immediately – and what your next steps should be. 


These tips will help to protect you against phishing emails, email spoofing, and scam pop-ups in future! 


Safeguarding doesn’t stop there, however. Marco, the CEO of Hotel-Spider and cyber security expert, will show you how to create a password as secure as Fort Knox. You’ll also learn how to keep your secure password safe; in some hotels, it’s unfortunately still common practice to leave handwritten passwords on Post-it notes in reception, or have them listed in an Excel file on the desktop. This is a security breach, and better solutions are available – including dedicated password management software.   



These programs allow colleagues to share passwords safely, so every member of staff has the passwords they need – without using Excel or Post-its. 


Learn more about cyber-attacks and protect your hotel!

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