Fintech, HR, and VR at Swiss Innovation Day. 

Hotel-Tech | 1 Nov 2022

Lucrative fintech, intelligent talent search, and virtual reality: Experts from Swiss Innovation Day share what is possible in the tourism industry today, and what will be possible tomorrow.

Interested in the latest technology serving the hotel industry?  


This video offers a look at the most up-to-date topics within the travel industry. This includes contact points to a new, young generation. Because they will decide the future of hotel bookings, talent search, and opportunities in a “virtual reality”. 


We’re offering a convenient way to get up to date with all the latest topics gaining momentum in hotel technology. We attended Swiss Innovation Day, so we could tell you all about it. Take a look at our new Hotel-Techie video.   


Elisha Schoppig (Hotel-Spider), Alexander Gevers Deynoot (Hopper), Chris Peppers (H-Hotel) and Jan Starcke (Meta) talk about ideas and innovations. Forward-looking visions and thought-provoking ideas shaped Swiss Innovation Day 2022. 


Prominent topics this year included:  


Alex from Hopper presents new options for your booking process: Can the travel industry efficiently integrate them and use them profitably? 


Chris from H-Hotel clarifies talent searching using intelligent technology: What are the ideal interfaces for the younger generation? 


Jan from Meta guides us through the universal Metaverse: How can the hotel industry benefit from a virtual world?  


If you’d like to learn more about these topics, take a look at the video now. You're sure to find some food for thought - and some you can put into practice!  

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