How to use Google Hotel ads to increase your direct bookings

Hotel-Tech | 10 Mar 2021

Google has been growing its influence in the travel sector for more than a decade and has become a powerful tool for hotels to reach more customers. There are lots of ways for hoteliers to use Google to their advantage and, in this video, we shall be talking about how Hotel Ads work.

* The details on the Google price model and Hotel-Spider in this video may no longer be relevant. For current details on prices please contact us at info@hotel-spider.com




We shall introduce “cost-per-stay” – a new, commission-based pricing model for hoteliers that uses Google Hotel Ads – and explain how hotels and independent properties can make use of this feature. 


We’ll cover what Google Ads are, how they work, how your properties are displayed in the interface, and how they make it easier for your customers to locate your hotel and make a booking. 


With Google Hotel Ads, your property is listed on Google’s platform and any OTA can bid for clicks from your brand. Make sure you have a tech partner who can connect you, so you can get direct bookings as well – you can work with a channel manager, booking engine, or your PMS to set up a connection. 


We’ll show you how all this works and what you need to get started — like setting up a campaign, specifying a geographical area, and connecting your booking channels to the Ads platform. 


We’ll also outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of a commission-based model compared to the click-driven model, as well as examining the advantages of Google over traditional OTAs.  


At Hotel-Spider, we help hotels connect with Google and get started with Hotel Ads. Let us know if we can help you – we are looking forward to hearing from you. 


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