More direct bookings with Google’s commission model

Features | 27 Jun 2022

Now Hotel-Spider and Google offer another option for reaching new clients. The new bidding strategy allows you to bid for more direct bookings risk-free with Google.

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The hospitality industry is known to have a stigma for being slow at adopting technology and catering to the dynamic needs of travelers. But that’s changing quickly now, especially after the 2-year long slump in 2020-21 due to COVID-19.
Features | 9 Jun 2022
More direct bookings, fewer commission payments and overall lower selling costs - as a hotelier, these goals are probably high up on your list. Yet how can you measure whether or not you are on track to achieve these goals?
Features | 23 May 2022
It's no longer a secret that meta search engines are gaining popularity amongst travelers. That said, how can you leverage this trend for your own hotel?
Features | 28 Jun 2022


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