The basics of revenue management

Hotel-Tech | 9 Apr 2024

Boost your hotel profits with revenue management! In this video, you'll learn how to understand demand, segment guests and achieve top prices. More profit through optimal pricing!

Stop guessing and start making data-driven pricing decisions! 


There's still a lot of untapped potential in hotel pricing. Revenue management is a tried and tested approach to unlock this potential.  


Our latest Hotel-Techie video breaks down the basics and concepts of revenue management, showing you how to optimize your prices and boost your profits. 


In this video, Elisha explains: 


  • What is revenue management, and how does it work? 

  • How do you analyze your guests' demand? 

  • How do you segment your market into different target groups?  

  • What pricing strategies are the most suitable for your hotel? 

  • Which metrics should you keep an eye on? 

  • What software solutions are available to implement and automate revenue management? 


Watch our video now and learn how to successfully apply revenue management in your hotel! 


With the basic knowledge you acquire, you can take your first steps in revenue management and lay the groundwork for successful pricing. 

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