Hotel-Spider innovations March 2021

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Features | 19 Mar 2021

Several weeks of 2021 are already behind us and if we have not yet had a chance, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year. We have been as busy as ever, constantly improving our products, and here are the latest updates and refinements.

A/B testing for a conversion-orientated Booking Engine


We have begun systematic testing with a view to optimizing our Spider- Booking reservations screen and achieving a better conversion of visitors into bookings. The A/B testing method we are using means that we create two variants of the same page and show version A to 50% of visitors and version B to the other 50%. This allows us to experiment so we can create the very best possible booking process, based on the data.  

For you, this means that our system will deliver even better results with every day and every test. It also means that our system will not be displayed identically for every guest, however. The tests are mostly small and your guests will generally not even be aware of them, but you might notice the little differences.  




Multi-tracking capacity 


Analyzing your online visitor data is an important step in optimizing your direct booking process. In a new development, you can now incorporate your analytical tools more closely and simply for Spider-Bookings. Whether you are using Google Analytics, Tag Manager, My Hotel Shop or site tags, you can simply enter the relevant IDs on the booking screen and be sure that you have all the data you require.  




It won’t be long now – a new Hotel-Spider log-in will soon be available for you  


We’re going to be introducing a whole host of new functionality for you over the next few months. One aspect of this will be the revision and modernization of our extranet. You will soon be enjoying an improved user experience and an optimized. Log-in screen. We’ll be telling you more about this shortly. 



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