Hotel-Spider integrates with CCAvenue to make hotel payments easier than ever

Hotel Spider
Features | 3 Oct 2022

Find out more about our new partnership with payments solution CCAvenue and how it makes payment management easier for hotels.

One of the trickiest parts of running a hotel is managing payments. Your guests want to be able to pay in the way most convenient to them, whether that’s by credit card, cash, or online pre-payment.

On top of that, handling the payments you receive is a significant task. Many potential things can go wrong, from failed payments to duplicate payments and errors in record-keeping. Staying on top of the payments you receive requires the best software.

That’s why Hotel-Spider is excited to announce our new integration with CCAvenue, one of the best payment solutions on the market. It’s packed with features to help our users manage their payments more smoothly and securely, with minimal errors, to ensure guests are delighted and have the best experience possible. It works for every hotel, no matter how big and whoever your guests are.

Talk to us to learn more about this integration and what it means for you.

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