Change management: Implement projects successfully

Hotel-Tech | 4 Oct 2022

Innovation is made easy - with well-planned change management. Our expert explains how to effectively implement new technologies and processes, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls.

You’ve got a bunch of ideas for new processes at your hotel, but the idea of actioning them alone gives you a headache?


In This video, an expert explains how you can simply, successfully, and sustainably implement your ideas using change management. 


Change can be difficult, even if it will be beneficial in the end. If you'd like to know how to properly tackle new projects in your hotel, then this Hotel Techie video is made for you.  


Hotel-Spider’s Elisha Schoppig chats with guest Michael Böhler, CEO of Meili Selection and CVO of Swiss Urban & Mountain Hospitality AG,  

Michael offers a brief and concise explanation of how to easily and effectively implement new processes and technologies in your hotel, and what mistakes to avoid. 


Success through targeted change management 


To make sure that your next change process runs like clockwork, Michael discusses the following points: 

  • Why so many useful projects fail 
  • Which important aspects you need to communicate clearly 
  • How to get your team on board 
  • Where you absolutely shouldn't try to make savings 
  • Which phases your change process will go through, and how to best deal with them 


It’s clear that change management is a broad topic with a lot of nuances. But you’ll be in pole position to start your next project with the basics from this video.  


Take a look now so that you and your team can implement your ideas more quickly, more seamlessly, and more sustainably in the future.  

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