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Features | 28 Oct 2021

Hotelist PMS is cloud software that helps you organize and automate the daily operations of your property (hotels, rentals).

Run your hotel or rental property in the cloud  


Hotelist PMS is cloud software that helps you organize and automate the daily operations of your property (hotels, rentals). Avoid mistakes, be more productive, and improve your client services with Hotelist Smartglass: an in-room touch panel for guest services for communication between your guests and your property’s reception. 


Combining Hotel-Spider and Hotelist PMS, you get a powerful range of features that help you take your property’s online distribution to the next level. Main features include, but are not limited to, the following:  


  • Lightning-fast reservation data review & guest check-in 
  • All your reservations on the same daily plan: you can easily move reservations between rooms and dates to achieve your maximum occupancy! 
  • View bookings from all your sales channels (online/offline) on the same reservation plan, per room.  


Are you constantly on the move, spending most of your day on the go? You can use Hotelist on your mobile device! Available for Android and iOS. 


Run your hotel in the cloud now

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