How We Use Excellent Customer Service to Help Hotels Drive More Online Bookings

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Features | 2 May 2022

If you think about it, customer experience tends to have a domino effect.

For instance, if your hotel distribution vendor offers excellent customer support and helps you resolve your issues within a few minutes, you can have your distribution channels up and running, and drive online bookings without any hassle.

As a result, travelers who want to book a stay with you also experience a flawless customer journey without any price disparities or booking issues.   

Hotel-Spider puts its customers at the forefront of their operation, meaning we work hard to create memorable experiences for our hoteliers while delivering spot-on customer support 24/7.  

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from Hotel-Spider in terms of customer service. 

Learning From The Success of Our Swiss Operations 

Coming from a customer-centric market, Hotel-Spider with its 18+ years of experience in the hospitality industry believes in empowering hoteliers with the best-in-class product. We power nearly 80% of the hotels in the Swiss market and help hoteliers achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. 

With a conversion-optimized platform that helps hoteliers drive more online bookings and get more hotel guests, we are extremely mindful of the controls we offer to you. We don’t just provide premium customer service to our users, but we also go a step beyond to ensure our platform offers more freedom to our users, giving them various ways to manage their distribution channels easily.

A hotel group, for example, will use information guests give them to personalize and enhance their hotel stay at one of their properties, whether it’s a preference for a particular room, balcony view, or information about their interests like yoga classes.

Similarly, Hotel-Spider leverages the information of hoteliers to anticipate what’s best for them, what strategies their competitors are using, and what suits their ideal hotel guest.

Here’s What We Offer

Hotel-Spider is a simple, intuitive, and highly powerful SaaS platform that can help you save time and drive more profits. Unlike other businesses, our aim is pretty simple – make it easier and affordable for hoteliers to analyze, optimize, and manage their online distribution.

With more visibility into our customer base, we know exactly what challenges hoteliers face on a regular basis. To help hoteliers achieve their business goals while maintaining a clean online distribution platform, we provide additional operational support.

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer our hoteliers:

  • Short training/ Self-help videos  
  • A complete product demo
  • An onboarding session
  • Detailed training sessions 
  • Dedicated support for technical queries
  • 24/7 phone support for all types of queries

Your Customer Journey with Hotel-Spider – What You Should Expect?

Coming from one of the most hospitable markets in the world, Hotel-Spider is widely known for its excellent customer service. Our operations and customer support team work together to create the perfect environment for hoteliers to use our platform, connect with different distribution channels, and achieve their goals – easily and quickly.

If you already have an existing channel manager or PMS in place, we offer free migration services so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with all the technical work. With a complete walkthrough of our platform, we aim at empowering our hoteliers so that you are more in control of exactly how you want your distribution platform.

Besides, we analyze local and global markets, your competitors, existing distribution strategies, and your current booking stats to help you choose the right OTAs and other distribution channels for your hotel. In addition, our team ensures that you get end-to-end guidance from your onboarding session to ongoing training sessions, premium customer support, and beyond.

For each hotelier, we handpick OTA platforms and find the perfect blend of our solutions like channel manager, booking engine, and so on to help you drive more online bookings and revenue


From the first search, our technical experts are committed to ideating your needs and converting your business goals into actionable plans that drive results. We believe in establishing a relationship with our hoteliers, and this means offering personalized recommendations based on your needs, purchasing history, goals, and more.

Being a customer-centric hotel distribution brand, Hotel-Spider is committed to offering excellent customer service to hoteliers. Our business model enables a 360-degree view of our technology that connects marketing, sales, service, and commerce systems for our customers – which means more transparency.

We know technology can be intimidating, but it can work wonders for your business if you know just the right amount — and we make sure you do.

If you want to know more about our services or connect with us, please contact us and we’ll get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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