October 2021: New features at Hotel Spider

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Features | 1 Oct 2021

The development team at Hotel-Spider has been working at full throttle over the last few months, releasing a range of new features in the system, both big and small.

Autumn is here and, slowly but surely, winter is drawing closer again. The development team at Hotel-Spider has been working at full throttle over the last few months, releasing a range of new features in the system, both big and small. Here’s a summary of some of the biggest changes. 


New languages added to Spider-Booking


Based on your requests, we have extended the list of languages on Spider-Booking. Now, the Spider-Booking tool can guide your guests through the booking process in more than 30 different languages. If there are any other languages that your customers would like, get in touch and we’ll add them to the list.  





A few months ago, we announced the new version of our extranet and many of you have already taken a look at it. You will still be able to work on the old version, but all brand-new features will go online exclusively on the new platform. Our development team will also gradually migrate existing features to the new system.  

There are now two elements that are only available on the new version.  


Centralized promotion management.  


We’ve developed a new module to give you a quicker, simpler, and more centralized way to manage your promotions. This will make it even easier to create discounts and promo codes and advertise them on both Spider-Booking and booking.com at the same time.  


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Local market data from booking.com 


The statistics module, which will analyze your booking data on Hotel-Spider more effectively, is still in progress, but there are many other new features that are already online. You will get an initial idea of the module by navigating to the new menu item Statistics >> Dashboard on the new version of Hotel-Spider, where we have implemented the market data provided by booking.com via the interface.  

Based on the data from booking.com, you can see the key figures in your region, who exactly is making online bookings, and when and how they are doing so.  





Cost-per-acquisition model for Google and Trivago  


The new “cost-per-acquisition” models for Google, but also Trivago, are now available to all our clients. In addition, we are already seeing the initial successes of the new model, which generates more interest and, more importantly, direct bookings, without the great risk associated with the “cost-per-click” model.  

We will be able to automatically switch all clients working on the “cost-per-acquisition” (CPA) model to the commission-only (cost-per-stay) partner model in the foreseeable future.  


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