Hotel-Spider integration with Protel I/O

Features | 24 Oct 2023

Our long-standing partner Protel Hotel software, now part of the Planet family, is familiar with this problem and has developed a solution, Protel I/O.

Technological advancement is essential in our rapidly evolving world. An increasing number of new digital tools are helping to automate hotel processes, enhancing the guest experience and alleviating the workload of employees. However, with each new tool comes the challenge of data silos and system compatibility. Our long-standing partner Protel Hotel software, now part of the Planet family, is familiar with this problem and has developed a solution, Protel I/O.  


Several hundred Hotel-Spider customers are already using classic integration with Protel, and we have now also integrated the Protel I/O system.  


About Protel  


Protel is a hotel technology supplier based in Germany. The company was founded in Dortmund in 1994 and develops and sells these partner hotel software solutions. Since 2022, Protel has been part of the company Planet and with more than 14,000 hotels in 93 countries, is one of the largest providers of hotel management systems (PMS).  


What is Protel I/O  


Protel I/O is a central connection node for all your hotel data. The mode greatly simplifies the connection and management of existing interfaces and new connections. Instead of establishing individual connections between each piece of software, Protel I/O provides a centralized system, making management more efficient and faster. The cost structure ranges from fixed one-time fees for the integration of each system to monthly subscription costs for an unlimited number of connections. This makes working with and testing new tools child's play. Certain connections can even be activated with just “one click”.  


New Hotel-Spider in Protel I/O interface  


The newly-developed interface with Protel I/O offers many advantages and has even more potential for the future.  


Hotel-Spider sends reservations to Protel immediately and without delay. This drastically faster exchange of real-time data further reduces the risk of overbooking, as you can see immediately when a new online reservation has been created.  


The range of data communicated during reservations has also been expanded and advance payments, tax details, child prices, details and services can now be exchanged even more effectively, leading to increased automation and time saving.  


If you would like to learn more about Protel I/O and the new interface to Hotel-Spider, or are interested in making a switch, please contact us directly.  



Learn more about I/O integration now

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