Strong content for your hotel website

Hotel-Tech | 21 Mar 2022

How can you bring your hotel website to life and excite visitors? In this Hotel Techie Video, experts reveal what makes good content and how to create it.

Why is good content so important? And how do you create content that attracts and excites your target audience enough to make a booking? Four experts share their most important tips. 


How do you make your hotel website a guest magnet? 

Good content is the core of a strong hotel website that produces lots of direct bookings. If you’re not sure how to tackle this topic, you’re in the right place.  


For this Hotel Techie video, Elisha Schoppig from Hotel-Spider interviews guests Christina Ragettli and Paul Urchs from Hotel Adula, Thierry Geissmann from DIG.ID Switzerland, and Juliana Hahn from Hospitality Copywriting.  


They explain which role content plays, which content you can work with, how to go about creating content correctly, and where you can find inspiration.  


Add value and make your hotel stand out from the competition 

The best way to do this is using authentic content that simultaneously highlights the uniqueness of your property and provides useful information about your hotel or the area.  


But there’s no single “right way” to do that. But with tips from our experts you’ll quickly find the right way for your hotel.  


Put the ideas from the video linked above into practice and see how quickly your content draws in more excited guests.  

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