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Hotel-Tech | 4 Mar 2020

Full interview with Laura Modenini from “Hotel My Way” about the advantages and challenges when selecting, working with and implementing a self-check-in kiosk.

Tips, tricks and lessons learned about hotel self-check-in technology.  


In this mini-series on hotel check-in automation, Laura Modenini shares how this new check-in process really works, the related technology involved and the importance of back-up solutions. She also discusses how booking confirmations are managed, how both hoteliers and guests can handle unexpected technical issues and which aspects might be considered in order to guarantee smooth daily automatic operations. Furthermore, she talks about her experience with this technology from the hotel opening until today. She provides tips, tricks and lessons she’s learned.  

Finally, she offers her expectations and personal concerns regarding this technology for the future and the potential value this new technology may have for hotel human resources.  


with Laura Modenini from Hotel my Way 



How does the check-in process work? 

Does it matter where the reservation is made? 

Is a pre-check-in email sent before arrival? 

Which technology are you currently using? 

How did you get to the product being used now? 

How did the check-in kiosk implementation work? 

What can someone do if the kiosk doesn’t work? 

What issues did you have with check-in when you first opened? 

What was the daily operation like? 

What improvements would you like to see with the check-in process? 

What happens to a guest’s data after making a reservation? 

Do you have any tips for someone trying this technology for the first time? 

What would you like from this technology in the future? 

Do you think self-check-in can be valuable to any hotel? 

Is there anything else we should know? 

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