GDS for hotels: A good option for you? 

Hotel-Tech | 21 May 2024

Are you looking for new options to promote your hotel and generate increased reservations? Discover in our video whether Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are relevant for your establishment.

Are you on the lookout for new strategies to promote your hotel and increase reservations? In today's hotel world, it's more important than ever to maximize your coverage to attract new guests and increase your booking rate. 


Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are established players in the travel industry and offer hotels the opportunity to access a broader audience and generate increased revenue.  


However, the question remains: Are GDS relevant for your hotel? 


Watch our new video to find out! We provide insights into how GDS work, their significance, their target audience, and the possible benefits for hotels. We will guide you through the GDS landscape and provide you with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about how to deploy these channels for your hotel's success. 


In this video, you will discover: 


  • What are GDS and how do they work? 

  • Which target groups can you access with GDS? 

  • How do travel agencies and corporate travel managers use GDS to place bookings for their clients? 

  • Which advantages do GDS offer hotels? 

  • How can you test the effectiveness of GDS for your hotel? 

  • Which factors should you take into account when deciding whether to use GDS? 


You will also receive valuable tips to optimize your hotel's GDS exposure and effectively maximize your sales  


This knowledge will enable you make smart decisions and maximize the benefits of your GDS channel! 

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