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Cost-saving. Process optimization. Success ensured.

Trivago and Tripadvisor MetaSearcher with Hotel-Spider

The common Hotel-Spider and ibelsa interface reduces your administrative expenses. Using it, you can securely forward your availabilities and prices from ibelsa to the various portals, via Hotel-Spider. 

Since 2010 their mission has been to be your partner for web-based hotel software! This means hotel management not dependent on location, constant development along the lines of your wishes and future requirements, no ongoing costs for linking third-party systems and no contract periods — to name but a few points. 

Every accommodation provider, whether a hotel, guest house, hostel, boarding house or summer cottage, has different needs, and as such is to be handled individually using a modular structure. From room management, check-in, check-out, billing, to a range of analyses, all relevant work processes can be managed flexibly and quickly. 


We protect your data against 3 tons of TNT, 3 hours at 3000°C, a stage 12 hurricane perhaps? We won’t allow anything to touch your data. In addition, the system has a default rate of 0.01% 

Software as a Service & Speed

With no delivery times ibelsa.rooms hotel management software is ready for immediate use. Installation can be done on any internet browser you choose. 

Intuitive operability

ibelsa.rooms was developed by specialists within the IT sector and international hotel management in accordance with the principle “keep it short and simple”.

If you would like to have more information about this interface please use the following options via email: info@ibelsa.com or via phone: +49 681 9698 9001

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