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New Interface with Autobahn Guide

Hotel-Spider has a new interface with Autobahn Guide


Links und Rechts der Autobahn Logo


A collaboration with Autobahn Guide through Hotel-Spider guarantees not only a simple and secure transmission and control of your availability, but also creates an additional sales channel. As with the other online portals, the rates and availabilities are managed by Hotel-Spider. Reservations generated via Autobahn Guide are debited from the same availabilities as the ones received from the online reservation portals.

    “Hotel-Spider had identified our potential and has entered into cooperation with us. This not only is of benefit to both companies, but also benefits the hotelier who has several other sales channels at their disposal. “ - Tim Neumann (Stünings Medien GmbH)

The Krefeld based Stünings Medien GmbH company is uniting its commercial publishing, Internet, advertising and printing divisions under one umbrella. The “Autobahn Guide” (which was previously known as the left and right of the highway) is a travel guide which has been published in conjunction with a series of hotels, guesthouses, highway service stations and holiday destinations located along the highway. They are always on the lookout for suitable and innovative partners so that the “Autobahn Guide” is able to offer added value to its clients. Stünings Medien GmbH is delighted to have found such a partner with Hotel-Spider. 

Would you like to know more?


Do not hesitate to contact the Autobahn Guide Team under the following email:
autobahn-guide@stuenings.de or by phone +49 2151 5100


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