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When the Blame game starts!

A channel manager connects your online distribution and centralizes your inventory and bookings. To do so, many different partners, from your PMS and RMS to the OTAs, GDS and your own booking engine, need to be connected using interfaces. Adapting the different database structures and exchange protocols is a complex task, that’s why you need a professional tool.  

But what happens when things don’t go as expected? How to proceed when complex interfaces and systems don’t exactly do what they should, and you receive an incorrect bookings?  

You, as business partner of all the different players involved, will be in the middle and will try to find out what has happened. Frequently, the blame game starts at this point.  

When the Blame Game starts

Your PMS will tell you it is a channel manager issue. The channel manager will say it was the online platform. Your OTA partners will say it’s your PMS fault. We are back at square one and you still won’t have an answer.  Where humans intervene, it’s normal to have mistakes. With machines and systems, it’s the same.  The problem with complex machines is, that if you are not an expert and you don’t know what has happened, you will not be able to avoid the same error in the future.  


We are committed to make Hotel-Spider as transparent as possible and give access to all the relevant information. For troubleshooting, we have implemented a tool that gives you control back. Based on our intelligent algorithms, analyses become easy and understandable.

Data graphic - Availability update in Hotel-Spider

For example, if a reservation was made for a fully booked date: access the reservation in question, open our wizard, select the problematic room and date and the troubleshooting tool will give an instant feedback of all activities that took place before that booking was made. Going even further, you can drill down to the XML messages and transmissions that have been sent out and received. Mistakes can happen, but when they do, you will have all the tools and access possibilities needed to know why. We are committed to constantly learn from mistakes and improve our system and interfaces.  

If you want to learn more about this feature or our commitment to transparency, contact us or schedule a demo. 

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