Increase visibility

Increase the visibility of your hotels by making your rooms and prices available to thousands of travel agents, airlines and websites.
More than 600,000 travel agencies use the GDS worldwide

Direct bookings by business travelers

A large proportion of travel products are purchased centrally on the GDS, especially in the business sector and among multinational companies. Clearly communicate what your hotel can offer, e.g. meeting rooms, business centers, transportation options and relevant businesses in the area.

Higher revenue and a higher booking value

Benefit from direct corporate contracts with a presence on the GDS. Discover new markets and increase your international reach with business travelers from all over the world.
The GDS can provide increased booking values, especially for hotels located near a train station, airport or industrial area.

What are Global Distribution

Global Distribution System (GDS) connect hotels, airlines and car rental providers directly with travel agencies worldwide. Many companies also use them to book rooms for business trips.


Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are online reservation systems that enable hotels to make their rooms and prices accessible to a variety of travel agents and websites.

The GDS concept originates from the airline sector and was the first technology to enable electronic reservations in the travel industry.

It is comparable to a telephone book or registers. The GDS itself does not store any detailed data about your hotel, as this is stored in a Central Reservation System of your choice.


The GDS, however, is aware of exactly where they can find which data, thus enabling an agency in Switzerland, for example, to easily access hotel rates and availabilities in Buenos Aires, San Francisco or Cape Town via the GDS. If the hotel offers appeals to a customer, he/she can book it directly on-site at the travel agency.

The GDS enables a wide range of transactions between the various service providers in the travel industry.

With just a few clicks, verify whether the GDS presence is relevant to your hotel

You can determine whether the GDS connection will add value to your hotel by checking a few parameters. Simply answer the following 5 questions and we will provide you with a recommendation, on what you should/could achieve with the GDS.

Hotel-Spider automates the
GDS connection and saves time

We would be happy to assist you with the placement of your hotel online on the GDS, ensuring that all the relevant data is available once your accommodation is created in the Central Reservation System. Availabilities, prices and booking rules can be maintained effortlessly in the Hotel-Spider system and reservations are transferred in a fully automatic process from the GDS to your PMS via Hotel-Spider, along with all guest details and travel agency contacts. Your company rates and negotiated prices can be either fixed or dynamically managed with derivations. You have full control over your negotiated contracts and blocking dates.

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