META Search Connections

Metasearch sites are a good option for generating more website visits and direct reservations. Thanks to the metasearch platforms, guests can compare not only various hotel offers, but also intermediary providers for each accommodation. With Google, Trivago and TripAdvisor, travelers can see all offers that exist for your propety, in one place. This enables you to place your direct booking option next to the offers from other platforms, such as OTAs. 


As the official hotel website, you bid on the placment  of your property on the metasearch platform. When a guest clicks on the link, the booking process is redirected to your booking engien. That way, you can increase direct reservations and strengthen your brand.  

And this is how it works..

Hotel Spider
  • Hotel Spider
    Hotel Spider
    Hotel Spider


    Your website and booking engine are at the heart of your direct booking strategy. If you can’t generate visitors to your website, even the best conversion rates don’t bring you the results you want.

    Advertising via METASEARCH is one of the tools available to you for attracting the attention of guests, increasing visitors to your booking engine, and acquiring direct guests. Everything has to fit together, so that you get the return on your ad spending that you desire.

  • Hotel Spider
    Hotel Spider
    Hotel Spider


    In combination with Spider-Booking, we offer you the option of connecting with Google, Trivago and TripAdvisor, enabling your guests to make fast, convenient Reservations with a few clicks. Spider-Booking is a modern “mobile-first” conversion-oriented tool for your hotel.

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