RoomPriceGenie Interface



The interface with RoomPriceGenie through Hotel-Spider guarantees you time-saving pricing automatization. Are you passionate about being a hotelier, but not so much about setting rates? Make your life easier now with smarter pricing and automation – saving you time and significantly increasing your revenue! Offering the perfect prices is more important than ever if you want to compete!

RoomPriceGenie offers a very simple, quick and affordable solution for hotels with 5-80 rooms.

What’s in it for you?

With RoomPriceGenie you’ll get :

  •         365 days of smart price recommendations for all your room types considering your occupancy,
            booking behavior, market prices, events…
  •         One-click upload or even full automation
  •         Easy-to-use settings to keep full control (min and max prices, manual overwriting…)
  •         A long-term forward-looking strategic approach to pricing

"Just as Hotel-Spider, we believe in wonderful customer service because we love to help! "

                                                               Ari Andripoulos Co-Founder

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We - Hotel-Spider - with more than 17 years of experience in the hotel technology market imagine, develop and deploy cloud-based software solutions. Our goal is to simplify the complex distribution landscape through our systems and to build partnerships, such as this one in order to empower accommodation providers to create wonderful guest experiences. If you would like to know more about the interface, visit our WEBSITE or CONTACT US 


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