Hotel-Spider, your only entry point for your availabilities and rates on Internet, from our Extranet or your PMS.

Automatic syncing

Hotel-Spider creates a link with IDS, GDS and WBE. Thanks to the powerful functionalities of Hotel-Spider, you now only have to update one single screen.

Increase productivity

You don't have to manage each web portal. The information is extracted from your PMS or the Hotel-Spider extranet. With one entry, all information is replicated everywhere.

Prevent risks

Availabilities are synchronised in real time between all web portals (IDS/GDS) and Web Booking Engine (WBE). No more overbookings! Avoid the errors and labour costs of manual entry.

Our Support Team

We are a human sized company and it's important for us to provide a good customer services in 5 languages. The costs of the Help Desk (telephone and/or e-mail) are included in the tariffs.

Hotel-Spider Channel-Manager

Hotel-Spider winner in comparative Channel Manager test by German consultancy firm Adojo.

The German consultancy firm adojo GmbH founded and managed by one of the founders of, recently performed a comparative test for Channel Managers.

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We provide solutions to improve a hotel's reservation process.

Hotel-Spider acts as a reservation central. You only have one screen in which to manage your reservations on the Internet: the Hotel-Spider extranet or your PMS. Your hotel can be visible on over 90 Web Portals (IDS), Web Booking Engine (WBE) and the GDS Network. You can include all your rate plans in Hotel-Spider.

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  • Channel Manager

    Like a spider in the centre of his web, position your hotel in the centre of the Internet web. You now only have to update one single screen. More info ».

  • Synchronize with your PMS

    Hotel-Spider can extract and integrate availabilities and rates from your PMS. More info ».

  • Connect to Global Destination Systems (GDS).

    The Global Destination Systems (GDS) are used by international booking agents. A GDS can link services, rates and bookings, consolidating products and services across all three travel sectors. More info ».

  • Web Booking Engine & Revenue Management

    We provide tools to improve your revenue : booking on your website (web booking engine), revenue management, yield management, ... More info ».


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