Finally, some clarity: Top Google products for hotels

Hotel-Tech | 23 Feb 2024

A compass to guide you through the Google jungle. In this Hotel Techie video, you will learn about the most important Google tools for more success in online sales

As the world's most widely used search engine, Google is a vital part of travel planning for many people. So don't overlook Google as a tool to boost your direct sales.  


It may not sound particularly challenging at first, but once you start to explore Google's product range, things can get a bit overwhelming. 


Google My Business, hotel booking links, Google hotel ads – what are they, and how can they each benefit your hotel? 

That's exactly what the new Hotel Techie video is all about. 


How to use Google hotel tools correctly: Everything you need to know 


When used correctly, Google's products are valuable tools to significantly strengthen your direct sales.  


Elisha explains Google's range of products in this video, which covers: 


  • Google solutions available for hotels 

  • What to consider when working with each product 

  • How to optimize your costs for Google search ads 

  • What the new Performance Max campaigns can achieve 


Watch the video now and you'll see that it's not as complicated as it might seem.  


And once you have an overview, you can get started right away, boosting your visibility on Google and taking your direct sales to new heights.  


* The details on the Google price model and Hotel-Spider in this video may no longer be relevant. For current details on prices please contact us at info@hotel-spider.com



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