Features | 28 Dec 2023

Rawal Residency (Now Royal Rawal), a boutique hotel located in a bustling tourist destination Jaipur, was facing challenges in managing their online bookings effectively.


Realizing the need for a more efficient solution, the management at Royal Rawal decided to integrate a robust channel manager into their operations. After careful research, they selected a comprehensive channel management software Hotel-Spider that seamlessly connected to their OTAs.

Key Milestones:

1. Streamlined Operations: Upon integration, Royal Rawal witnessed a remarkable transformation in their operations. Hotel-Spider automated the process of updating room rates, availability and inventory across all connected channels in real-time. This eliminated the risk of overbookings and reduced manual errors, saving valuable time for the staff.

2. Increased Visibility and Revenue: With Hotel-Spider ability to synchronize availability across various OTAs, Royal Rawal significantly expanded its online presence. This increased visibility attracted more potential guests, resulting in a substantial boost in bookings and revenue. The hotel was now able to tap into a broader market without the fear of double bookings or discrepancies in pricing.

3. Enhanced Guest Experience: The streamlined operations and accurate availability information meant that guests received prompt confirmations for their bookings. This led to improved guest satisfaction and a higher likelihood of positive reviews and returning customers.

4. Data-Driven Insights: The channel manager provided valuable insights and analytics regarding booking patterns, popular room types, and revenue trends. Royal Rawal utilized this data to make informed decisions about pricing strategies, promotional offers and inventory management, optimizing their revenue potential.


Results and Future Outlook:

After integrating with Hotel-Spider, Royal Rawal experienced a 40% increase in online bookings within the first six months. The hotel's revenue surged by 25% due to improved online visibility and optimized pricing strategies. Additionally, the staff could redirect their focus from manual updates to providing personalized guest experiences, further enhancing the hotel's reputation.

Looking ahead, Royal Rawal plans to leverage advanced features of Hotel-Spider, such as targeted marketing campaigns, to continue their growth trajectory. The success story of Royal Rawal stands as a testament to the transformative power of leveraging technology in the hospitality industry.

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