New head of Customer Care at Hotel-Spider: Susanne Kamm

Customer Care Susanne Kamm with her dog
Features | 9 Jan 2024

We are pleased to announce that our long-time employee Susanne Kamm is taking on a new role in our company.

She has been a part of our team as an Onboarding Specialist and Account Manager since 2019. She is now taking up the position of Head of Customer Care.  


To mark the occasion, we spoke to her about her career, her time in the hotel industry at Hotel-Spider and her exciting private projects.  


An impressive professional career begins 


The hotel industry was the logical choice for Susanne from the start. “After graduating from high school, it was clear to me that I wanted a job that would allow me to work in different places. I’ve also always enjoyed the atmosphere in hotel lobbies and lounges.” 


After attending vocational school to study hotel management, Susanne was initially drawn out into the world. After exploring Asia and South America, she arrived in England, where her career in the hotel industry began. “I began with internships, moved on to handling reception and group coordination, and eventually progressed to managing reservations. Over these 10 years, I gained a lot of valuable experience,” she remembers. Back in Germany, she eventually settled in Berlin.  


A new direction 


After a few years in the capital, Susanne switched to the technology sector. “My last job in the reservations department of a large hotel chain gave me exciting insights into different revenue tools and technical systems. I was amazed at how much this could increase booking numbers and sales.“ Susanne continued.  


In 2015, her enthusiasm and passion for process optimization led her to professionally combine her experience in the hotel industry with her interest in technology. Four years later she started working at Hotel-Spider.  


From Onboarding Specialist to Head of Customer Care 


Susanne's experience of various hotels and her knowledge of hotel sales give her a unique perspective. This allows her to support Hotel-Spider customers in boosting their revenue and refining their business processes. Since she joined us in 2019, she has provided advice and support to over 300 of our customers.  


“Susanne is a prime example of someone who combines operational excellence in the hotel industry with state-of-the-art hotel technology. Her practical know-how and solid experience give her a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of hosts. This has enabled her to take Hotel-Spider’s customer experience to a new level,”  said Marco Baurdoux, CEO and founder of Hotel-Spider.  


She still remembers how it all started: “When I joined Hotel-Spider, we were still a small onboarding team. We invested time in the first few months to optimize the onboarding process and make it clearer for both new customers and our team. This has proven its worth to this day.” 


But everyday customer support never got boring either: “This involved everything, from adding a missing tick to redesigning a complete pricing structure. My team and I are committed to providing hosts with the best possible support and advice. Our practical experience in the hotel industry is definitely a huge advantage.” 




A new role with new tasks 


Since Susanne took over the position of Head of Customer Care in June, she now manages the entire Hotel-Spider onboarding and support team.  


“This means that I have stepped back somewhat from day-to-day support tasks in order to assist colleagues with more complex questions and cases. My new position also includes employee interviews and some administrative tasks,”she reports.  


She also works more closely with other departments and partners than before. She ensures that system updates, information and priorities are quickly shared and implemented by everyone involved. 


About carving and knitting in Sweden 


But Susanne has not only had an interesting year professionally. In addition to her role at Hotel-Spider, her place of residence has also changed. Last September, she moved to Sweden with her partner.  


“Since we emigrated, we have had only positive experiences and are always surprised at how well everything is working out. Of course I still have still language difficulties here and there, but the friendliness of the Swedes made it very easy for us to arrive here and feel comfortable.” 


They particularly enjoy their long walks in the forest and by the sea. Susanne has discovered a few new hobbies to enjoy in the long, dark winter evenings: Carving, knitting and yoga – three things that are great to do in front of the warm fireplace.  


After a year of getting to know the different regions of Sweden, it is now time to settle down: “A few weeks ago we discovered our little Swedish dream house on the west coast. We will move in there in December. So this is an exciting time for us.” 



Of course, this also applies to her work with Hotel-Spider. We look forward to Susanne's future development and successes in her new role. The entire Hotel-Spider team is always here for you and wishes you plenty of success, dear Susanne! 

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