How hotels can work with Trivago to drive direct bookings

Hotel-Tech | 10 May 2021

Trivago can be a very useful platform for hotels, offering relevant traffic and allowing you to grow your customer base and increase bookings if used correctly. This video is a collaboration with Trivago, and we’re talking with Andrew Holden from their Technical Partnerships team.

Trivago can be a useful platform for hotels, as it attracts highly relevant traffic that can help hotels drive direct bookings if used correctly. For any hotel to access this advantage it’s essential to optimize its freely claimable profile and presence on Trivago. This will ensure they make the most of their presence on the platform, taking full advantage of the many advertising features Trivago offers.  


This video is a collaboration with Trivago, and we’re talking with Andrew Holden from their Technical Partnerships team. He’s here to share insights and know-how about Trivago, the Rate Connect app, and how hotels can use the platform to build more direct relationships with customers and drive direct bookings. 


We cover what Trivago is and how it works, along with what advantages it offers to businesses — like gaining more exposure and reaching more potential customers. We’ll talk through how to use the features within the platform to maximum effect. 


What is rate connect, and how does it work? You’ll learn about the Rate Connect app in Trivago’s business studio — what exactly is it, what advantages does it offer for independent hotels, and what are the different types of Rate Connect campaigns? We talk about how Rate Connect helps hoteliers own the customer relationship, build brand awareness, and generate repeat business. 


Another important concept you’ll encounter in the video is Cost Per Acquisition and how it works for hoteliers, and we’ll show you why promoting your rates directly with Rate Connect offers an advantage over traditional OTA platforms.  

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